Jumat, 16 Juni 2017

The Importance of English in This Global Era

The Importance of English in This Global Era
Good Morning
The honorable Miss Dini my English Lecture
And Dear of My friends
Firstly, let’s thank to Allah the master of universe who has been giving us mercies and blessing until we can take a part and also smile on this lesson without any troubles and obstacles in this happy and peaceful place
Secondly, I’ll never forget to say thanks to MC who has given me opportunity to deliver my speech in front of audiences.
Standing in front of you all, I’d like to present my speech under the title
The Importance of English in This Global Era”.
Do you know why we must study English? By using Indonesian language we can communicate with others. Why must we be tired to learn English that the language is difficult to be learned and complicated, the writing and pronunciation is different? Furthermore, English is not a language that the angel uses to ask us in the day later.
Ok. I will give you a little explanation about this. Now we are living in globalization era. It is an era in which we can communicate with everyone around the world that has a different tribe, culture and language. To do this, we need a communication tool that we can use to communicate with everyone around the world. That is English.
Then, why must be English, not Arabic, Dutch, or Japanese? Ok, this is the story. Many years ago, European underwent a successful era, that was renesaisance. They wandered the world to look for a new area. Then, they occupied it. They did not only occupied it but also spread their religion and language. England was the most active country to do this in that era.
England people controlled most of area in north America that now is American country and Canada. England also occupied some area in Asia, Australia, and Africa. From here, English spreads and becomes international communication language.
Now, what will occur if we can not master English? We will be left by the era, and we will be conservative, do you know conservative in Indonesia is Ngakgaul
In addition, most of equipment uses English as media to give instruction, such as computer, mobile phone, and television. If we don’t know about English, we will not be able to understand the instruction in the equipment. We will appear as a stupid person.
For that reason, we need to learn English in order to be left by the era and to reach better future. We need to study hard to get success in learning English. It is because English is not easy, but not difficult if we want to strive.
Those all my speech for this time and those all what I can deliver to you. I hope you understand well
Well ladies and gentlemen, I think my speech in front of you is enough. I beg your pardon if there are many faults when I deliver my speech that is not good as your hope. Thanks for your attention,and see you next time 

Senin, 29 Mei 2017

Globalization Era

My speech :

Good Morning all, First of all, let us praise to the Almighty Allah, because of His Blessing we are able to attend this meeting. I would like also to say many thanks to MC who have given me opportunity to deliver an English speech in front of you all. In this golden opportunity, I would like to deliver a speech about “Globalization Era”.

Ladies and Gentlemen

As we all know, nowadays our world is in globalization era. We often hear it. However, what is globalization? Globalization is the process of transformation of local or regional phenomena into global or international phenomena. This process includes transformation of economic, technological, socio-cultural and political forces. In other words, every country in this world can influence other countries. Because of globalization, this world which consists of many countries is like “a global village”. This term refers to the fact that people are considered to live in this planet without borders dan without limitation. People are able to access any kinds of information easily. There is no difficulty to communicate and there is no barrier to interact with other people from all over the world.

Globalization has various aspects which affect the world, such as: in industry, finance, economy, politics, technology, and socio-culture. If our country wants to survive in this globalization era, we must be smart. We should take all of the positive effects of globalization but not the negative ones. For example: we need to adopt and learn high technology from developed country in order to develop our country. On the contrary, we must not imitate bad attitudes or behaviors from other countries like free sex and drugs abuse.

It is a fact that there are many challenges in globalization era. It cannot be denied that globalization is related with a competition and ability to survive. The question is, what should we do in order to face the globalization era? The first one is, build up and strengthen good characters based on the religion. If we are Moslem, the guide of our lives is Islam. Second, we must master technology in order to develop our country. The last, always be ready to face any kinds of change and competition by preparing and upgrading our skills.

Ladies and Gentlemen

The effect globalization is like two sides of a coin which is never be separated. Globalization not always brings some benefits. The fact, if we are not strong enough to filter the effect of globalization, our local identity will vanish from the world. We as young generation of this country should take this matter seriously. With conserving our traditional cultures and doing good deeds as they was taught by our religion, we can stand still and survive as a country which never lose the local identity because of globalization.
ok I think That’s all my speech. Hopefully, it will be useful for all of us. Thank you very much for your attention.

Selasa, 09 Mei 2017

Hai guys, welcome again to my blog
On this day at 09.25 A.M. I would like to share about my activities while visiting EXPO Education in a very cool Untan Auditorium. Ok please check the pictures below:
First I visited the booth from the Library that showcased various of books contained in the library.

Second I visited the booth from Fkip Untan which showcased various books and learning media that use to need. 

Third, I visited the Stan of the Faculty of Law which showcased Judge Clothes and books relating to the Law. 

Fourth, I visited Menwa's booth they showing off the kind of clothes that they use, photo and various awards achieved.

Fifth, I visited a booth from the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences that showcased various Herbarium and Insectium, Small Robot, Dives, Snorkels, and they have an electric games awarded 10,000 pulses for all operators if you win. 

Sixth, I visited the statistics department booth that showcased studio photos at a cost of Rp. 5000, - for 5x photos.

Seventh I visited the booth of the Forestry Faculty which also exhibited herbarium and insectium,and Dayak musical instrument.

Eighth, I visited a booth from MAPALA that showcased the various equipment used when they were

The last is a special booth that is Amcor that showcases various books from abroad. Amcor also has a game, andfor anyone who post photos on Instagram by marking Amcor Untan will get the prize. For example I managed to get a pen from Amcor Untan.

Then UPT Bahasa Untan which showcased books related to TOEFL and various kinds of foreign language books such as Britain, Korea, Japan and others.

  The situation of educational Expo at 09.25 A.M

My Souvenir 
Alright guys, that all about Education Expo from TanjungPura University
thanks for see my post, see you

Jumat, 05 Mei 2017

My Future Business????

hey guys, welcome again to my blog. this occasion I will share about my future business  
My future business is to open pet shop. Why i choose this?
Because that my dream and I really like animals like cats and dogs, so from that I want to open this business, my hobby that underlies my desire to open a pet shop.
love us

Pet shop is a place to sell pet supplies, pet custody, as well as health care for pets. In this modern era more and more people who have a love of pets, especially cats and dogs. The love of people with these pets makes them willing to spend enough to meet the needs of their pets such as: food, shampoo, animal care, cages, and other needs. Business Pet Shop business is quite simple and easy to manage by providing a wide range of pet needs. To open a business Pet shops do have to have a large enough capital and a high knowledge in animal care.

If it has been fulfilled there are still things I need to do such as:
1. Conducted a survey of the most pets in the sales area so I could focus on what I would sell
2. Make promotions with brochures and added the advantages that exist in the pet shop so animal lovers will be more interested
3. Promote in social media like facebook, BBM, Instagram and other media that I have
4. Place a banner in front of my sales location
5. Create groups and fan pages on my social media such as twitter and facebook to share about how to care for my pet as well as a promotional event
If I am already making a profit, then I intend to create an abandoned animal shelter. Because I feel sorry to see the animals that roam the streets without the owner. The reason I set up animal shelters is also because now we all know and can see for ourselves, there are still very many abandoned animals around us :
1. Wild dogs and cats crushed by vehicles on the streets
2. Dogs and cats injected sleep by breeders because they are not able to breeding or because of disability that can not be sold again

Benefits of the house to be built:
1. To be a shelter, protection and care for abandoned animals, whether temporary or permanent
2. Being "liaison" with other animal loving communities / organizations to assist with the adoption selection process
3. Assist sterilization program by cooperating with trusted veterinarian
4. Provide opportunities and places for colleagues who volunteer to assist in the social activities of rescuing abandoned animals through regular rescue and care programs

  OK, I think that's all I can share to you, thanks to read my post again....
see you in the next post .....

Kamis, 27 April 2017

How to Making Scary Makeup

Hi readers, in this occasion. I'll show you a tutorial "How to  making scary makeup with easily accessible material". I’ve browsed the world wide web for the best Halloween makeup tutorials for inspirations, and have found plentiful of them on YouTube. So without further ado, here’s my favourite of YouTubers with their amazing and doable Halloween face arts that might inspires you as well.

The following materials thats I use:
1. White fox Glue
2. red dye
3. fondation
4. white mask
5. eye shadow
6. straps
7. red lipstick
8. cellophane tape
9. Tissue
Tools used :
1. tweezers
2. cotton bud
3. Spoon
4. scissors
Step steps :
1. clean face
2. apply the foundation all over the face using spoon
3. first measure the rope on the face and tie the rope in the middle of the forehead until between the eyes using masking tape
4. cut the rope using scissors to the bottom of the chin after that tempel rope using white fox glue sufficiently.
5. while waiting for the glue to dry, mix the red dye with white fox glue stir evenly until the color look like blood
6. After the rope is perfectly attached, apply the dye mixture to the area of ​​the nose and mouth and wait until it dries out
7. then give white fox glue around the strap using a cotton bud then after the tissue and wait until it dries.
8. apply a white mask around the face that is bounded by the straps
9. to get the effect of the eyes that look bigger use eyeshadow in the area of ​​both eyes
10. Finally add the blood effect to the desired facial area and use the tweezers to remove the glue that has been gnawed on the face to get peeling skin effect.

 Okay for more details, please see the video below

alright guys, thanks a lot for your kind attention on my blog. So don't stop your creativity
See you for the nexts post 

Rabu, 12 April 2017


A.    Topics Interview
Special ability

B.     Time and Place
Day / Ladder: April 8, 2017
Time: 14.30 s / d is completed.
Place: Bije Caffe, Sepakat II

C.    Report of Interview
Speaker: Rohmad Azizi
Interviewer: Kristiyadi Arista Agata Epa

Interview result
On the day Saturday, April 8, 2017, at 14.30 pm. I see the usual bang Rohmad Aziz, he is one of the friends that I know he has a special ability that welding iron, because we come from the same area that is Ngabang, Landak district. Previously I had held the promise that he would take the time to be interviewed about the capabilities that he has. Alright this is the result of my interview :

Interviewer                : Since when brothers recognize expertise in this weld?
Speaker                      : I know this has actually been quite a while since my childhood, because my father is a welder that is where making a masterpiece by uniting iron, but in 2008, I have started to learn to weld.
Interviewer                : If the weld is compulsion and a necessity or a desire to learn coming   from his own brother?
Speaker                      : if you say does not compulsion, but because of a sense of curiosity that makes me want to try to weld, and then I immediately tried it myself with parental guidance.
Interviewer                : how experience when first weld brother?
Speaker                      : my experience I can since I used to be still living in the other side of the island of Java is almost the average community there Wonosobo welding job. The experience that I felt the first time it hurt the eyes because of the difficulty in welding that is influenced by the directional light in the eyes without the use of safety, at that time I do not think the long-term effects. Parents are actually deliberately mebiarkan I like it so I know the taste and learn firsthand.
Interviewer                  : if I may know, during this time anything that ever brother make?
Speaker                      : by and large I've ever made trails, fences, iron doors and much more. I also sometimes help people who usually ask weld vehicle exhaust, until I also had to make litter box and everything related to the work of the iron raw material. However, at this time because there is no chance I would like to weld in the water alone.
Interviewer                : whether the ability of the brothers have is related to the majors brother took in the Faculty of Engineering, Untan?
Speaker                      : yes nothing to do because I have this ability so I felt helped and want to combine my skills with courses that I select for the field that will be I wrestled.

D. Conclusion

From the interviews I've done I can draw the conclusion that the special abilities possessed without us knowing it will evolve in the sense of our curious try and pursue it and stay consistent with what we have taken.

check this video
Alright guys thanks for see my blog and watching my video, thanks for your kind attention.

Selasa, 21 Maret 2017

I can not imagine life without ...

Hi friends, come back again on my blog today I will tell you about "I can not imagine life without ..." Well here you are
I can't expect what I feel

If talk about this material is very difficult  because I honestly can not imagine life without all that already exist in this world present, but I will be discusses in particular, probably friends had a different thing but especially I really can not imagine if my life without MUSIC, why I choose the music? because for me if there's no music, maybe my life will not run smoothly as today, the music gives me a lot of the inspiration. For example, every time I wake up in the morning I start my morning with a prayer and then I turn on music to make my morning more excited, when learning I am also always accompanied by music gently so I enjoyed my lessons.
Music also can relieve excessive stress on myself, in addition to stress music is also useful as a tool to relax the brain after a long day of work, entertainment or used as a means of regulating our feelings. So basically music was something that should not be lost in my life and very precious. If suddenly disappears music I can bet my life is not excited anymore, no music no life because music is my life and music is the only thing that you can love without it breaking your heart☺☺❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤.

 Okay I think that’s all I can share for you, maybe you have other things that would be inconceivable if the thing you love is not there anymore, maybe our lives would feel very empty. Thank you also for your time to read my post today, see you in my next post again friends, see you