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A.    Topics Interview
Special ability

B.     Time and Place
Day / Ladder: April 8, 2017
Time: 14.30 s / d is completed.
Place: Bije Caffe, Sepakat II

C.    Report of Interview
Speaker: Rohmad Azizi
Interviewer: Kristiyadi Arista Agata Epa

Interview result
On the day Saturday, April 8, 2017, at 14.30 pm. I see the usual bang Rohmad Aziz, he is one of the friends that I know he has a special ability that welding iron, because we come from the same area that is Ngabang, Landak district. Previously I had held the promise that he would take the time to be interviewed about the capabilities that he has. Alright this is the result of my interview :

Interviewer                : Since when brothers recognize expertise in this weld?
Speaker                      : I know this has actually been quite a while since my childhood, because my father is a welder that is where making a masterpiece by uniting iron, but in 2008, I have started to learn to weld.
Interviewer                : If the weld is compulsion and a necessity or a desire to learn coming   from his own brother?
Speaker                      : if you say does not compulsion, but because of a sense of curiosity that makes me want to try to weld, and then I immediately tried it myself with parental guidance.
Interviewer                : how experience when first weld brother?
Speaker                      : my experience I can since I used to be still living in the other side of the island of Java is almost the average community there Wonosobo welding job. The experience that I felt the first time it hurt the eyes because of the difficulty in welding that is influenced by the directional light in the eyes without the use of safety, at that time I do not think the long-term effects. Parents are actually deliberately mebiarkan I like it so I know the taste and learn firsthand.
Interviewer                  : if I may know, during this time anything that ever brother make?
Speaker                      : by and large I've ever made trails, fences, iron doors and much more. I also sometimes help people who usually ask weld vehicle exhaust, until I also had to make litter box and everything related to the work of the iron raw material. However, at this time because there is no chance I would like to weld in the water alone.
Interviewer                : whether the ability of the brothers have is related to the majors brother took in the Faculty of Engineering, Untan?
Speaker                      : yes nothing to do because I have this ability so I felt helped and want to combine my skills with courses that I select for the field that will be I wrestled.

D. Conclusion

From the interviews I've done I can draw the conclusion that the special abilities possessed without us knowing it will evolve in the sense of our curious try and pursue it and stay consistent with what we have taken.

check this video
Alright guys thanks for see my blog and watching my video, thanks for your kind attention.

Selasa, 21 Maret 2017

I can not imagine life without ...

Hi friends, come back again on my blog today I will tell you about "I can not imagine life without ..." Well here you are
I can't expect what I feel

If talk about this material is very difficult  because I honestly can not imagine life without all that already exist in this world present, but I will be discusses in particular, probably friends had a different thing but especially I really can not imagine if my life without MUSIC, why I choose the music? because for me if there's no music, maybe my life will not run smoothly as today, the music gives me a lot of the inspiration. For example, every time I wake up in the morning I start my morning with a prayer and then I turn on music to make my morning more excited, when learning I am also always accompanied by music gently so I enjoyed my lessons.
Music also can relieve excessive stress on myself, in addition to stress music is also useful as a tool to relax the brain after a long day of work, entertainment or used as a means of regulating our feelings. So basically music was something that should not be lost in my life and very precious. If suddenly disappears music I can bet my life is not excited anymore, no music no life because music is my life and music is the only thing that you can love without it breaking your heart☺☺❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤.

 Okay I think that’s all I can share for you, maybe you have other things that would be inconceivable if the thing you love is not there anymore, maybe our lives would feel very empty. Thank you also for your time to read my post today, see you in my next post again friends, see you 

My experience while studying in BCLC

Hi all, come back again on my blog, in this occasion I would tell you about my learning experience, alright here you are
forgive our faces "British Cultur and Leaning Center"
Every Tuesday me and friends to learn English. Usually we do at Amcor, but unfortunately yesterday, we can not learned in Amcor because the room will be used by student from elementary school to learned English too. But we also do not feel disappointed, because our lecture brought us to learn in BCLC or so-called British Cultur and Learning Center that so amazing for me, because for me first time I set foot in BCLC, usually only child uses the English language, I feel overjoyed because I really like things that smell English, I do not suspect there are very charming room behind the Library Unit and BCLC very cool, me and my friends studied at the teather although the place a bit stuffy but I felt something else, if  I had received in department of the English language may be used to play in the BCLC.
Then we were given a task that is reading one of the books in the room BCLC and then find the moral value from the book, I got a story book about "Crazy cat and the Stars". This book used English because and I also read many times, but it is not difficult for me because of the language in this book interpret it is very easy to understand, after I finished reading the story that I began to understand and get the moral value from the story such as :
1. when we have a dream, do not be afraid to find him even though the dream of what we have
2. we also may have dreams but do not expect it will be a real dream
3. when the dream we can dream though in a dream

Alright friends that are my activities yesterday, and we can learn to read, and understand the lessons in a fun way. I really like this way.  I think that’s all I can share for today, thanks for your time to see my post again. See you in the next post all 

Jumat, 17 Maret 2017


Hi, now I post about my skill that I am elaborated today, that is in the sector  of art such as dancing, singing and acting. Okay I will explain one by one
The first, inspired my dancing skill since I often watch Saskia's Dans School in youtube, then I often follow their movements and that is where my dancing hobby elaborated until now. from this hobby, now it has become a special skill that I have and I also had perfomed  in several events such as in the Gawai Dayak event,  FLS2N 2016 and OOSM 2017.  I develop my dancing skill with  join a dance group, and from there I and My group is often invoked in certain events.

The second skill is singing, this skill is gained from my father who was a acapela singer  and also I have inside me, since childhood I have often included by my parents in a singing contest, I also follow the singing competition at province level in Kendari, Southeast Sulawesi and until now I always train my vocal skill with playing karaoke games, and watching  vocal lesson  onlinly at home.

The Last, I also have the skill in acting since I was Vocational School, and it kept me develop with  join in Studio Art Teather in my hometown, from there I learned how to be a person who can portray different kinds of roles that are given in a professional manner. In this case I've followed the  Teather competition in the province too.
Well I think only those I can share, I hope my story will inspiring the readers  and I recommend  if you have a skill in other sector  do not ever be afraid to try and always focus on the sector you want elaborated, so thank you for your time don’t forget to always see my post. BYE BYE 

Selasa, 07 Maret 2017


Goodnight all on this day I will come back to post about vocabulary focus, may be useful.
Here Is The Answer :
1.      Resources             : Sumber Penghasilan
2.      Labor                    : Tenaga Kerja
3.      Factories               : Pabrik-Pabrik
4.      Effort                    : Usaha
5.      Engage                  : Mengikutsertakan
6.      Gains                     : Laba
7.      Assured                 : Percaya
8.      Wage                     : Upah
9.      Opt                        : Memilih
10.  Wits                       : Kecerdasan
11.  Concerned             : Prihatin
12.  Tycoons                 : Hartawan
13.  Addictiveness       : Menyebabkan Kecanduan

·         Exercise 1
1.      I’ve Check The Dokumentation And Everything Is In Order
2.      Inflation Has Not Gone Away But It Is Under Monitor
3.      We Constantly Monitor The Situation And If Anything Goes Wrong We Take Action Immediately
4.      We Apologize For Delay Which Is Due To Reasons Beyond Our Control
5.      Economists Control Prices, Compute Total Output And Perform Other Useful Tasks

·         Exercise 2
1.      Costs (n)                     P.1, L.6                       = B. Expenses, Outlay
2.      Monitor (v)                 P.3, L.2                       = C. Control, Manage
3.      Flair (n)                      P.4, L.5                       = D. Skill, Talent, Inclination
4.      Entrepreneur (n)         P. 4, L.3                      = E. Employer
5.      Forecast (n)                P.3, L.1                       = H. Prediction
6.      Provide (v)                 P. 2, L. 4                     = A. Supply, Equip, Outfit
7.      Job-Setting (n)           P.2, L. 1                      = G. Place Of Work
8.      Liable (a)                   P. , L.                          = F. Responsible
For Informations
P = Paragraph
L = Line

·         Exercise 3
1.      Liable Means Having The Qualities That Are Needed To Succeed As An Entrepreneur
2.      An Entrepreneurial Is A Person Who Sets Up Business And Business Deals
3.      A Tycoon Is A Person Who Is Successful In Business And So Has Become Rich And Powerful
4.      The Industry Will Have To Pass Its Increased Costs On To The Consumer
5.      The Management Will Provide Accommodation, Food And Drink For Thirty People
6.      He Has Always Been Self-Employed For His Children
7.      The Benefits Or Fringe Benefits Of The Job Include A Cas And Free Health Insurance
8.      He Won’t Qualify As An Economist Until Next Year
9.      An Individual Hoping To Start Up A New Company Needs To Have Entrepreneurial Flair Or Talent
10.  Unfortunately Forecasts Of Higher Profits Did Not Come True
11.  Economists Are Concerened With The Production Distribusi And Consumption

Sabtu, 04 Maret 2017

"Why I continue my study to university level"

Hi guys, here I will tell in brief about ”why was I chose to continued my study at the university level”. But before that I'm going to introduce myself first, here is my biography.
My name is Kristiyadi Arista Agata Epa, but you can call me Agatha or Efa. I was born in Pontianak precisely in Siantan on April 18th 1998. I have one brother his name is Fernandus and one sister named Angelia, so my name longest than the other in our familly. In my leisure time I likes to singing, dancing and drawing cartoons. I want to be a lecturer or a professional teacher. Well those are little informations about me.
Okay I will give the reasons why was I chose to continue my study at the university level.in fact, a lot of friends in my year did not continue their education to university level, with various reasons such as working, feel lazy because of dizziness to learn continuously, then some person want to have a vacation in a year and then re-continue their study in next year.
Meanwhile, I think if I were in their position  who won’t to continue their education while the parents are still able to finance, for me it is a pity if I should delayed because it would spend my precious year. I continued my education to university level because I had dreams to becoming a teacher, but over time I even thought about becoming a lecturer, how can it is achieved if I did not continued my study to the college level and no effort to reach out that, I am sure everything is just wishful thinking. My father always said to me that I was his biggest investment, so that becomes a big motivation for me to make it happen anyway, I wish one day my parents could feel my success and I want to see a big smile of them even when they see me get my graduation. From childhood I have been taught hardly to not be afraid of anything, and by continuing this education I also can change my mindset completely. Ok I think that is all I can share for you guys, thanks for reading my post in this blog, see you in next post. 🌰